Friday, March 7, 2014

Yes jobs again...

So today I get told about how I'm not paying attention to my client. Basically neglect her. When I'm in the same room with her. This is exactly what I knew would happen. Just because I can't speak Spanish I get thrown under the bus. The incident with the clothes on Tuesday, her sun let me take the blame. It was my fault. I know she has demenita but still. Being told that communication works both ways! Hello!!! I have been trying to get out of this. I will never learn Spanish. I can't. I can't learn any foreign language at all. 
I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon at Taco Bell, I will then go apply to Chick Fil A. If I get both jobs then I will put my two weeks notice in. I would attempt to work three jobs but I'm miserable here. I know I will find something wrong at every job but this isn't worth the pay. My company refuses to put me with someone I can communicate with. It's not worth it. It's making me look like a quitter, like Dollar General but I guess I am. I'm following my father's footsteps not keeping a job for long. It's not like that. I'll be content with fast food until I get a different job as a CNA. Who knows I could work chick fil a in the morning, Taco Bell in the evening, and third shift as a CNA. And still have time for College. I'm Super Steph. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I know I should be content with having a job but sometimes it's hard. Days like today for instance. My client is in a bad mood and there's no household chores for me to do so I'm just on the couch on my phone. This is not what I want to do.  I want to feel like a CNA. I want to feel needed. I want someone I can talk to. Three months as of today I have been with a Spanish-speaking lady and I speak English. No biggie. Being more of a maid is a big deal. I don't get paid nearly enough, half-hour drive to do nothing. Some people who work the 8-12 hour shifts at a nursing home or hospital would love to have my job but I'm tired of doing nothing. I need to feel needed. When I baby-sit the girls, I feel more like a CNA than when I'm at work. Days like today makes me question what I do. Then I get to go home to two little girls that I can spoil because they aren't mine. I know it's silly but I'm ready for some action, I'm ready for the dirty work. To clean peoples BM's, to dress them, to get curse at, to do those awful TED stockings, to take someone's BP. Not to just sit around and get cursed out in Spanish. I know this is what I want to do, but this is not the place. I was so desperate to get my foot in the door. I can't even say I have any experience of being a CNA. I'm not giving up though.